ZTE Geek Tegra 4
The world is no stranger to leaks and rumors. We see a fair amount of chatter over what the next big device or tablet will be from the major manufacturers nearly every week. It is fun to put things together and try to be ahead of the curve. While most manufacturers will keep their mouths shut on such information, and be happy to issue a take down notice if its true, ZTE decided to take a different approach. They have offered up some info willingly to the world about the upcoming ZTE U988s, known as the ZTE Geek. The device had been leaked and rumored a few times reportedly sporting the Intel Clover Tail+ chip. That can now be put to rest as they say it is actually sporting the Tegra 4 processor.

If all goes according to plan, this will probably be the first Tegra 4 handset to hit consumer hands. It will be clocked at 1.8GHz and have 2GB of RAM. At least that is according to the TENAA filling. Other info places the device with a 5-inch LCD screen at 1,920 x 1,080 with a 2 MP front facing camera. It is still sporting an 8MP rear shooter for those that might be wondering. Don’t go getting your panties in a bunch about this particular device just yet though, the ZTE Geek will only work on China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA network. In English please. It means the rest of the world will have to wait for either a global version or for ZTE to nail down some contracts with U.S. carriers, which is possible, but unlikely at launch. TENAA also lists out the dimensions being 144mm x 71mm x 9mm with a weight of 148g and sporting Android 4.2.1. Right alongside a SD card slot for another 64GB or storage.

In my humble opinion, the ZTE Geek is sounding like a pretty good player for them. If it can make its way to U.S. shores, it could do pretty darn well.

Source: Engadget & TENAA