Many of us have excepted PIE Controls into our Android lives. It is an awesome feature Paranoid Android introduced to give us more multitasking capabilities. Looks like another group of developers wanted to take the idea a little bit further.

Floating Toucher is very similar function as PIE Controls, but you get the full pie this time. Instead of touching a certain side of your screen to get half a pie with apps and toggles, Floating Toucher leaves an icon on your screen which you can customize  and access at anytime. Once the icon is triggered, a full pie shows up in the middle of your screen, which you can place either apps, or toggle controls onto them.

I highly recommend grabbing this app, especially if you want a little more multitasking control of your device. Check out my video review below, and let us know if you ended up getting it from the Play Store.

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  • Stephen Dalton

    Floating Touch, think I got that right, adds an instant movable icon to every screen. I love the integrated flashlight, and the temp memory sweep. The paid version is fully fleshed for all possible apps, and functions. A steal, at twice the price, which was nothing btw.