motorola migrateToday is the day that the world will finally see the Moto X phone in all its official glory, and we finally get concrete facts about the highly anticipated smartphone. Today will also be the day that many people will decide that they need to somehow get the data on their current smartphone onto their new Moto X which they’ll be pre-ordering after the press conference. Conveniently, Motorola and Google have a solution to help you called the Motorola Migrate app.

Motorola Migrate is an app that will allow you to move your “photos, videos, SIM contacts and calls and text history” that are on your outgoing Android phone and migrate them to your brand-spanking new Moto X. Theoretically speaking anyway; unless the Moto X actually goes on sale tomorrow, there might not be anyone able to utilize the app for some time. That said, if you still want to have a play, you can download the app for free from Google Play; Play Store links are below.

It’s doubtful that the app would be able to help you move your data to any other Android phone, but it’s a great idea that will save plenty of Motorola converts the time usually wasted copying contacts and other data. The app looks only available for Android 2.2 and higher, but if you somehow don’t meet this prerequisite, you are long overdue for an upgrade. And what better phone to do so than the Moto X.

Who’s already sold on the Moto X? Let’s hear from all you MotorGoogle fans out there.

Source: Android Police


Application: Motorola Migrate

Play Store Link

Price: Free