HTC has been teeter tottering quite vigorously in 2013. With the launch of the highly popular HTC One, and the bomb that was the HTC First, everyone was wondering what the future of the company was going to be. A rumor started floating around that HTC was going to be sold to a Chinese company due to low porfits. HTC decided to put those rumors to bed thankfully.

HTC’s Ray Yam decided to shoot down these rumors that was reported first by EETimes analyst Alice Sun. Here is what Yam had to say:

Based on recent inquiries related to rumors that HTC is looking to sell the company, we want to confirm that those rumors are untrue. HTC is committed to innovation and will continue to deliver new designs and products to consumers worldwide. We appreciate the support and affirmation of our customers and have new initiatives underway to further build our global presence and a full resurgence of the HTC brand.

Sigh of relief for us HTC lovers out there, and hopefully the numbers start looking a lot better for the OEM. Let us know what you think about this.

Source: Talk Android

  • Jeff Gvozdanovic

    I’m curious as to why the HTC banner is a screenshot of Myst. I assume they couldnt afford Shivers with all those lost profits?

    • FILA

      I think someone made that up

  • FILA

    The HTC First aka Myst is a great phone. As long as you turn off that facebook shit. Just wish we get some cyanogen or some support for the poor little phone. I think with this push of new marketing for HTC, it could very well pick up speed again. HTC ONE this year is already more of a popular phone then the X and S was last year.