kogan mobileSome of you may have heard about the turmoil in Australian telecommunications that has been surrounding Telstra reseller ISPOne after they entered voluntary administration. Due to this development, Telstra has terminated the agreement it had with ISPOne, creating a very uncertain scenario for both ALDI Mobile and Kogan Mobile customers, whom ISPOne had been providing service to.

Multiple sources have now confirmed that Telstra has negotiated terms with Medion Australia to continue service to ALDI customers, but no such terms have been offered to Kogan customers. This leaves Kogan Mobile users high and dry with potentially up to 60 days before their service ends.

This smells like an opportune, strategic move by Telstra, the leading telco in Australia, who has suffered some lost market share mostly due to the quick adoption of Kogan Mobile, the more ‘budget’ service, to the tune of 100,000 customers. Not without their own tricks, Australia’s second largest telco, Optus, is offering discounted prepaid plans “for people who are unclear about their current mobile service with Kogan and Aldi”.

Those who bring their number to Optus and recharge with more than $30 for their first three recharges will be rewarded with twice the standard talk and data on their plan; the offer is good till the 30th of September.

Are there any Kogan Mobile users who want to share their experiences, or maybe just vent? And if you’re affect, are you going to consider the Optus offer, or stick with one of the other budget services?

Source: CNET Australia, Optus