goophone i5cGoophone, who we’ve mentioned before, is well known among phone manufacturers who create imitation versions of popular smartphones, and the iPhone 5C is its next target; Goophone has confirmed that they are making a clone of the iPhone 5C, called the Goophone i5C, which is rumoured to be coming in at the $100 price point.

For that amount of money, it’s expected the i5C will have a 4-inch 960×540 resolution display, Android 4.2 and  1.2GHz MediaTek processor. Unfortunately, if you’re amused by the novelty of the cloned iPhone, Goophone is saying you’ll have to wait till the actual iPhone 5C is released to purchase one. This is a little ironic as Goophone pushed out the Goophone i5 to beat the iPhone 5 it was modelled on to market and subsequently tried to file an injunction against Apple. Lesson learned, it seems.

Do you think there’s really a market for these cloned smartphones as opposed to the original smartphones? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Anybuying via engadget


    Of course there’s a market for these cloned devices. Not everybody out there has 600USD to spend on a phone (also made in China btw) that costs a fortune and that can stop working from one to day to the other.

    Warranty! you may wonder? Well, I had 2 iPhones working really weird ..under warranty…got a new phone each time and still acting weird..

    I prefer to spend 200USD on a clone..and if it comes out crappy or acting weird I just buy another. Will you do the same with a 600USD device?

    Don’t think so.

    IMHO of course.

  • BillIdol

    These clones look great and are running 4.2.2 but I wonder what carrier can you use these clones for? Will my 4G Verizon sim card work?

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