Hello Android friends, time for a little ManDroid in your face. Mainly just news about IFA, and the Galaxy devices that we will see. Enjoy the show!

News Topics
Galaxy Note III to have 4K recording capabilities?
Galaxy Note III shows its front panel
Galaxy Gear Smartwatch set for IFA

  • Nian

    4k Video would be great but there are issues. First, the storage has to write FAST, as in almost 40Mb/s for decent 24fps 4k mp4. The next issue is encoding that video, the cpu isn’t a super computer. How does it do 4k compression? Lastly, space… The files would be huge.

    The N3 is awsome tho, sexy sexy machine. Its both big and slim at the same time. Ohh the paradox! I’m going to name mine Alice!

    Alice will sing lovely music to me too, that seductive song only 24Bit 196Khz can give me. Wheres the flacs man wheres my flacs.