asus padfone infinityAccording to an invitation that engadget has received, the new ASUS Padfone Infinity is set to be announced on the 17th of September at an event in Taipei. Rather cleverly on the “Padfone The Future” page which has a countdown to the announcement, the Padfone part of the smartphone-tablet combo is shown launching from its tablet dock, as seen below:

A cute little teaser ad. The new Padfone looks to be more of the same as its predecessor, but is likely going to contain the Snapdragon 800 processor which is going to put it in the company of some elite Android devices.

Is anyone interested in getting the new ASUS Padfone Infinity? Maybe you have the outgoing Padfone and you want to share your experiences. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: ASUS via engadget