Well, if you are one of the millions playing Ingress then boy are you in for a treat today. The Ingress app has just been updated to 1.35.1 and brings with it some pretty amazing features. For one, there is a new “Agent” tab next to inventory, this shows your stats and level along with a few other useful statistics. This “Agent” tab also shows how many unique portals you have visited, how many portals you have discovered, how many hacks, resonators deployed, links created, and medals earned; basically it shows you your entire history since the you started playing Ingress.

I have just started playing again after I had to delete my old email account (Enlightened is #1) and I am excited for this update. Sadly as with most Google updates, it will take a couple of days for this to roll out to all users via the Google Play Store. In order to save you some time, we have included the APK for this latest Ingress update down below. Hit up one of the links down below and get at the new Ingress 1.35.1.

Special thanks to Agent Tharkas for the APK.

Ingress: Download #1 / Download #2
Download #3