Tizen Dialer S4

Tizen, the not-so-secret Samsung OS, has made another appearance. The software has been spotted running on both the Galaxy S4 and S3. Partnering with Intel, Samsung is now on the third release of the Linux-based OS, and it has the makings of a very minimal and polished UI. Surprisingly, it definitely follows the Windows theme of simple, flat and colorful. There’s little here that reminds us of Touchwiz on Android. Instead, they seem to be following a completely different design path.

Rumors suggest that the Tizen OS will feature S Pen-like navigation and multi-window much like Samsung’s current Galaxy Note line. Samsung’s Executive Vice President, JD Choi hopes to bring the OS not only to smartphones, but also cars, TVs, and as many other smart devices as possible.

What does this mean for Google, and future Android-powered Samsung devices? Choi assured consumers that they will continue working and cooperating with Google, “in good faith, and ready to compete fairly.” So we’ll hopefully see many more Galaxy devices in the future. A leaked roadmap reveals Samsung’s release plans, which were confirmed by Choi in an interview after the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco.

“I do not like closed systems. Manufacturers and operators also hate [them]. Our goal is to open up the system. First NTT DoCoMo and Orange France this summer, after which it will soon be available in other places.”

From the looks of things, Samsung has chosen a similar naming convention as Google for Tizen OS, except instead of sweet treats, they’re electing flowers to identify each version. So far we have Larkspur and Magnolia. Care to take a guess on what 3.0 will be called?

Tizen Flower RoadmapSamsung seems to believe that their offering will be more open than anything else on the market, including Android. Do you agree? Would you be willing to give the Tizen OS a shot, or are you Android, through-and-through?

Sources: Tizen Indonesia, Tizen Experts, bada Indonesia

  • http://smartandroidtech.blogspot.com Marcus

    Looking forward to this :) Maybe a dual-boot with Android on my S4, that would be perfect to try this out

  • FILA

    Sammy has been playing around with Tizen for years, I cant see them dumping android for this anytime soon, atleast here in the states. Im sure they would for more money for them

  • Awdahelwidit

    What does it have to offer (other than “more open”) that the competition does not? Sure, reinventing the wheel with rubber, air, run-flat gel, etc is one thing. This on the other hand looks like work for the sake of work. Application developers usually won’t bother with it until enough people use it to matter. Consumers won’t pick it up b/c their are much more robust ecosystems for the more established platforms.

    Android didn’t have nearly the competition when it hit the scene. Sure a few people had WinMo devices, and there were loads of Blackberry, and Symbian phones in hands, but Apple’s single device was all that was really of any concern. Now we have two major platforms with healthy active development, WinMo trying to nudge it’s way back in from the rear, RIM & Nokia (both coincidentally with heavy microsoft relations) are dead in the water, and folks over at firefox, ubuntu, etc not even making the tinniest ding with their efforts.