google glassIt’s pretty much the general concensus that Google Glass is going to be the basis for wearable devices of the future, and although we’re still finding ways to utilize it best, it’s shaping up to have almost endless possibilities. While some of the Glass apps we’ve seen so far are more like extensions of the Glass’ functions, such as voice commands or video recording, Aaron Draczynski’s Glass app, Blue, is showcasing what I think is one of the more perfect applications of Google Glass to our everyday lives. Check it out:

So basically the Blue app, which is already currently being tested at AT&T Park during baseball games, will enable you to see real-time information from the game, right down to the speed of the pitch as soon as those details are known. It’s pretty amazing stuff and looks like it would really enhance the experience of watching the game, especially since it can be so hard to make out what the scoreboard or the umpire is saying.

Aaron says that he’d love to make the app applicable to other sports as well, but there aren’t that many sports (and arenas) that support such detailed real-time data. But with the way technology is progressing, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more real-time data supported at more arenas and sports, which is a good thing for all us sport fans who are planning to get Google Glass when it becomes commercial.

What do you think about the application of Google Glass to sporting events like this? Let us know if this is something you’d like.

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Source: YouTube via Blue