ivisorPremium screen protectors are an interesting space of smartphone accessories: on the one hand, you might think to yourself that you can get away with a $2 screen protector, and on the other, you know deep inside that you want the best possible protection for your phone. The iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by Moshi is of the latter predisposition and we’ll have a look at just how ‘premium’ it is.

ivisorIn the cardboard sleeve that houses the iVisor will be your screen protector, a tiny screen cleaning cloth and the instructions to applying the screen protector. One cardinal fear that I’m sure everyone has when applying a new screen protector is the appearance of air bubbles under the screen protector and potentially ruining an otherwise perfect application. With the iVisor, I had no such worry as applying the screen protector was seamless; I didn’t even need to grab a rigid card to scrape out bubbles. A lot of this is to do with the thickness of the iVisor, and the end product of this is a screen protector that you can remove and re-apply whenever it takes your fancy. Pretty nifty stuff.

DSC_2821You might notice that the design of the iVisor differs to that of normal screen protectors in that it doesn’t just protect the screen; the iVisor protects the entire front face of the Note 2, soft, tactile buttons included. This is obviously a bonus for the Note 2 in particular as the front face of the phone is one piece of glass. The sections of the screen protector that aren’t covering the screen are opaque in either gray or white i.e. the available colours for the Note 2, but have strategic windows for the lights from the LED as well as the soft keys lights. This, however, does create the infuriating situation where applying the screen protector just slightly incorrectly will result in your LED looking a bit overlapped, which if you have borderline OCD like I do, can be a little annoying. Definitely a good thing that the iVisor can be reapplied so easily in this case.

ivisorAfter almost 2 weeks of using the iVisor on my Note 2, I can safely say that it is once of the best at resisting scratches and fingerprint smudges that I’ve ever used. And unlike other matte finish screen protectors, the iVisor actually still feels very glossy to touch. Of course, with a matte protector, what you gain in anti-glare you will lose in sunlight visibility, but that’s just the nature of the screen protector game.

The iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is priced at $30, and to a lot of you that will seem a lot for “just a screen protector”. But for that money, you’ll be getting a screen protector that covers the entire front face of your precious Note 2, has anti-glare if that’s your preference, is definitely one of the better screen protectors at resisting scratches and smudges, and is incredibly easy to apply and reapply. When you think about how expensive your phone is and you want to protect the most functional part of your device with something high-quality, maybe you’ll consider the iVisor a good investment.

The iVisor screen protector range is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and lots more Android device. Visit moshi’s store for more of their mobile accessories, or visit the product page of the iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 below.

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iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by moshi – $30


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