htc one maxWe’ve been hearing a lot about the turmoil that HTC is going through as it tries to make the best of a Q3 that they have been expecting to make a loss during, and in the midst of all this uncertainty surrounding the company is the question: where is the HTC One Max? We’ve been hearing tidbits here and there regarding the device, but nothing official, though it was once rumoured that the 5.9-inch device would have the highly regarded Snapdragon 800 processor which is the choice processor for the next generation of smartphones and phablets alike.

It’s with great surprise then that we report that evleaks has tweeted this on his Twitter account:

Contrary to prior reports, HTC One max is powered by a Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 (4 x 1.7GHz).

If this is to be believed, the HTC One Max is going to be severely underpowered compared to its phablet rivals like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG G2 and is really going to struggle put itself at the forefront of the market without something very unique (a fingerprint scanner perhaps?). While this is certainly unexpected, it doesn’t quite surprise me that HTC would be using a slightly older processor like the Snapdragon S4 in its first phablet phone primarily due to its financial downturn.

What do you think about this rumour: true or false? And if it were true, would you still want to get the HTC One Max?

Source: Twitter

  • Richard Yarrell

    This will NEVER COMPARE to the Galaxy Note 3 nothing does.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This will NEVER COMPARE to the Galaxy Note 3 nothing does…

    • macho9556

      U serious? U seriously believe that statement? NOTHIN??

  • interloper

    APQ8064 is a nice processor for last year devices. HTC really needs a game changer and should have went with the Snappy Oche-dog. It’s a shame that companies like HTC and Nokia, who were instrumental in the early days of cellular technology, haven’t retained the foresight they used then to leverage their burgeoning potential to propel some technologies into the future. As I write this I am reminded that in the early days of cellular tech Kenwood and Alpine also made phones. I had a Kenwood that took up the entire center console of my slammed Chevy S-10. What happened? Regulation. Chipset makers. Contracts. Markets. HTC evolved. Nokia evolved. Why not now? HTC played the game by it’s own rules. Now it’s trying to play catch-up and it’s all up in the mustard. I strongly believe they need to go back to the early strategy. Instead of swimming with the sharks they need to build a boat, stir up the water and get Samsung-shark scared of the ocean. EVERY price point/size needs to have a flagship in every world market; that is BASIC now. They need to offer lower and mid level devices to every market in the world. They need to capitalize on their new marketing strategy in a more aggressive manner and produce a red and gold device that says IRONMAN and it needs to be awesome. Then, when they’ve done all that within the next six months, they need to reveal to the world they are done pussy-footing around so people will trust them again and reveal a long term product line based around current and future tech that covers at least two years. People NEED diversity but they also need to know their contract investments are going to pay off. Market saturation polarizes consumers to buy the products they trust. RANT MUCH? > shuddup interloper. CIAO!

  • http://RCRProductions Russ Whittaker

    I will defend the S4 series snapdragon processors. Also known as the krait series, the processors use significantly less power, but still fast. I’m using an evo LTE, which is a dual core 1.5Ghz on the s4 series processors. Fast as heck, and they can take a beating. I’ve had them overclocked to 1.9 GHz easily and guess what? Nothing went wrong. No random reboots or fried CPU’s, just pure power. Now yes they are a bit weak compared to the newer standards of smarthphones today, but if it will be a budget benefit from having a little less processing power, then I’d take it.

  • John K

    This would make no sense… Why would they downstep the hardware from what the One is already using. I’d state this rumor is a bunch of bull and it would either be using the snapdragon 800 or at least the 600. The s4 pro wouldn’t be likely at all.

  • John K

    I honestly kind of wonder if evleaks has been getting drunk off his ass and making random troll posts on twitter or was hacked or something…

  • trollolol lolol

    Don’t care about max, have a note and sick of big phone. I want the normal HTC One refreshed with snapdragon 800. that’d be cool