adonit jot pro reviewThe case for using a stylus on your mobile device has become a lot stronger in recent years with devices like the Galaxy Note phablets and tablets using them to great effect, however, for the rest of us who want to use a stylus with our existing devices (and don’t own a Sony Xperia Z Ultra), we have to look for third party accessories. Adonit is one such accessory maker who’s new Jot Pro capacitive stylus appears perfect for use with Android devices and Adonit’s pedigree for making great quality styluses makes this a worthwhile look.

The overview

The Adonit Jot Pro is one nice looking stylus: the Jot Pro comes in four colours, gun metal, red, silver and turquoise (featured in this review) and its brushed aluminium shaft looks very sleek. With each stylus pen, you’ll get the stylus as well as a matching cap to protect the tip of the pen, which can be screwed onto the other end when the pen is in use.

adonit jot pro reviewOne of the first things you’ll notice about the stylus is that it’s actually quite hefty for something that is effectively a pen, particularly one this is a passive stylus, unlike some of Adonit’s other products. On closer examination though, you will notice this is actually for balancing purposes and creates a centre of gravity very near the centre of the pen. This makes the stylus feel a little unusual to hold at first, but after a short time of using it, getting used to the sensation is a snap.

adonit jot pro reviewThe capacitive tip of the Jot Pro is definitely the star of the show; unlike other capacitive styluses, the Jot Pro utilizes a fine tip rather than rubber. This allows for far more accuracy drawing/writing and the clear disc that accompanies the tip allows you to see pretty accurately what and where you are scribbling. Apart from allowing you to see what you’re doing, the clear disc also doubles as a dampening tip to minimize the tapping that you might otherwise experience with other styluses; as the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I know exactly how annoying the tapping can get, so the addition of a noise dampener is a nice touch.

adonit jot pro reviewAnother advertised feature of the Jot Pro is the fact that it can magnetically cling to tablets, however this feature is only available to iPads, which is a shame, because unless you have a case which gives you a place to store the stylus, this becomes a bit of an inconvenience.

The toughness

The Jot Pro is a tough piece of kit; with the cap on, it’s unlikely that anything could happen to the stylus that would significantly damage it. The rubber grip appears to be strong enough for the rigours of use and travel, and the only damage you could sustain on the aluminium parts would most likely only be cosmetic.

adonit jot pro reviewThe tip of the Jot Pro is a different story, however, as this appears to be quite fragile. While the tip could probably take a little bit of punishment from particularly frantic artists scrawling on their screens, it doesn’t look like would survive a trip in your bag with the cap off. As to the question of whether the plastic guide disc will harm your device’s screen, in my short time using it, the Jot Pro didn’t put a scuff on either of my screens, and particuarly if you have a screen protector anyway, I can’t see the Jot Pro doing any damage.

The practicality

The Jot Pro is definitely an impressive specimen of a stylus. It looks great, feels great and is a lot more accurate than other styluses on the market. Drawing with the Jot Pro was very easy, particularly in Sketchbook Pro. I’m no Michelangelo, but I can definitely see how having an accurate stylus can make a huge difference for sketching on a tablet (or smartphone). Sure, serious artists will have graphics tablets on their PCs, but whether it’s for quick sketches, note taking, or even a proper art project on your tablet or smartphone, the Jot Pro is pretty much perfect.

adonit jot pro reviewAs far as I could tell, the Jot Pro is usable in all facets of Android, but it navigation or any app of your choosing; you can essentially replace your finger to operate your device, and it will even work with soft keys on your device (Note 2 owners, you will be relieved to hear this).

If there is only one gripe that I have with the Jot Pro is that there is no inherent way for it to be stowed for travel with Android devices. While the magnetic cling  feature exists for iPads, Android devices have no equivalent and the lack of a clip or chord of any kind means there’s no real way to keep the stylus with your device unless your case accommodates for it.

The verdict

Rating: 4.5/5

adonit jot pro reviewThe Adonit Jot Pro is one of the best third-party styluses that you can get for your Android device. The combination of durability, functionality and value is a potent one, one which can transform your Android device into an art and note-taking dream. If it weren’t for the lack of storage capabilities, though, it might have been flawless, but at RRP $44.99 AUD (or MSRP $29.95 USD), that’s a small price to pay for something that’s near perfect.

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