There are many lockscreens to choose from out there, and it can be hard to find which one suits you and your device. “Cover” was just released in the Play Store today, and it does offer a unique lockscreen experience. Even though it does do that, the lockscreen app “Start” wants to make it even better.

Start is a new lockscreen app by Celltick, and they want to give you information and quick access to apps without even unlocking your device. They achieve this by these tab plugins, that act as scrollable widgets. You have, weather, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, RSS, Search, and Flickr, all at your disposal before you even fully open your device. When you hit these tabs, the scrollable widget pops out, and gives you access to your different feeds. If you click within the plugin, it will redirect you right into the very app.

Another fun feature to Start, is the shortcuts icons that give you access to, recent contacts, messaging apps, camera apps, and recent apps, in a fun animation kind of way. You can also customize what is being shown in these shortcut icons, and speaking of customization, you can theme this lockscreen app like crazy. Start has a couple themes already within it, but you can also download numerous themes from the Play Store, and they are all free to download.

My only gripe I have about Start, and I would actually use it daily if they fix it, is it is SO LAGGY. Okay, it isn’t super crazy laggy, but the response and fluidness acts as if I’m still on Android 2.0. If the developers bring it to Jelly Bean smoothness standards, I would rock this over Cover, and I wouldn’t think twice about it.

If you feel like giving Start a try, go ahead and hit the Ply Store link. Is free to try, and you can also check out my video review below to see it in action. Let us know if you give it a try.

Play Store Link

  • Awdahelwidit

    I’m gonna design an app that allows people to “access more without unlocking”…’s just going to disable the slide unlock like any user can already do. Why? Average user checks phone 800 times daily.

    800×1(second)x720(days of 2yr avg phone life)=160hrs or 6.6 days wasted sliding that damn unlock. Twice that if you’re device takes an extra second to wake.

    • Awdahelwidit

      oops let me correct myself. The average is 110 times a day, but some up to 900.