samsung galaxy note proYou might remember that several months ago, king of technology leaks, evleaks, predicted that Samsung was developing a 12.2-inch tablet with model number SM-P900. Since then, almost no information regarding the 12.2-inch tablet from Samsung has emerged, however a picture published on Move Player may have confirmed that the device actually exists and is called the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

Seen pictured above beside its ‘smaller’ brother, the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, the 12.2-inch Note Pro looks positively gargantuan. That monstrous screen is rumoured to carry a resolution of 2560×1600, same as the Note 10.1, and is said to possess 3GB RAM, Android 4.4, a 9500mAh battery and weight a pretty hefty 750 grams. Previous rumours also say that the Note Pro AKA the SM-P900 will possess Samsung’s new Exynos octocore processor which was announced about the same time these rumours surfaced back in July.

The rumours suggest that the Note Pro will be shown at CES 2014 in a few weeks so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it when we’re there. Do you think these rumours are true and this Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is real? More importantly, would you buy this 12.2-inch monster? Let us know what you think.

UPDATE: A supposed image of the real Note Pro has recently surfaced. While it is only a rear side shot, it gives you a more real look at its obvious size.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro image
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Source: Move Player via Sammy Hub

Image Source: PhoneArena