If you are still looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the pre-teen in the family, or maybe just something for mom in the garden, then the Bluetune-Bean from Divoom might be one that could fit the bill.

Divoom Bluetune-Bean Portablet Bluetooth speaker
The Specs:

  • 3 watts of speaker power, max 6 watts
  • 50 mm micro driver
  • 100 – 20000Hz frequency range
  • Bluetooth v3.0 +EDR
  • 10 m range / 360 degree sound
  • 6 hours of playback time
  • 68 x 45 x 92 mm
  • In the box – USB Charging cable, Bluetune-Bean, manual (no wall plug)

Divoom Bluetune-Bean Review
The Bluetune is a small portable bluetooth speaker that offers a lot for its price and its size. The outer casing is a nice soft rubber that gives it a great feel and look. On the bottom you have your micro USB port for charging. It is under a rubber stopper that is a bit of a pain to get open.

Divoom Bluetune-Bean Review Divoom Bluetune-Bean Review
On the left side is a power/sync button. Like any other Bluetooth device, press and hold it to put it in pairing mode. Just below that is a phone button. Yes, the Bluetune-Bean is more than just a speaker, it is also a speaker phone. The mic is located between the two buttons. The phone button also doubles as a play/pause button for your tunes.

Sound quality of the Bluetune-Bean

For its size I was quite surprised by the volume level of the speaker. My wife has been using it on a hook on the shower door while streaming music to get ready for work. It fills the bathroom and floods into our room. We have a two story townhouse and I can even hear it downstairs in the living room.

It isn’t going to ‘bump’ and rattle the walls, but you can’t expect it to. Heck, it really doesn’t have much, if any, bass. The audio quality is clear and unlike many other smaller speakers that I have seen and used, it doesn’t seem to have and pops or cracks. Probably due to the lack of bass.

Divoom Bluetune-Bean Review

Overall thoughts on the Bluetune-Bean

The Bean comes in various colors as you see above. Giving them a little flare and personality for the user. It doesn’t have any volume or track controls directly on the speaker, but I don’t think it needs them. There is room on the right side of the speaker for them, but it would increase the price of the Bean, which would make it more expensive then it is actually worth.

The anodized metal hoop at the top is a pretty useful addition. You can hang it on a hook, or use the carabiner clip to connect it to a belt loop or backpack.

Divoom Bluetune-Bean ReviewDivoom Bluetune-Bean Review
As with nearly every single Bluetooth speaker I have ever used or seen, using it as a speaker phone is a painful experience. I can’t blame Divoom for this drawback. It has been a struggle for every speaker I have ever used. Don’t look to this to be the speaker phone accessory.

It fits the bill as a good stocking stuffer for pre-teens or the less needy high audio and deep bass loving individual. Its small size makes it good for travel when you might want a little more sound than what your phone or tablet can put out without breaking the bank.

On a personal level, the Bluetune-Bean is super easy to use. My non-techy wife can connect her phone and listen to music easily. I have clipped it to my belt loop for walks with my son so we had some good walking music. I plan to take it camping this summer and hanging it from the middle of the tent for a little extra sound boost. For the sound and the price point, it is a great little speaker to have handy.

Cost wise, you are looking at $30 from Divoom themselves for a Bluetune-Bean in any color choice available. You can pick them up on Amazon for $24 and $30 as well.