I have been a big fan of Martian and their original ‘Dick Tracy’ voice command line of smartwatches that made their debut at CES 2013. They have since taken all the users feedback and combined it into a new smartwatch offering, the Martian Notifier. Where many smartwatch manufacturers are taking the all inclusive, large touch screen, high dollar approach to the smartwatch game, Martian is going backwards. Aiming to make the Notifier the smartwatch to have in 2014.

The Notifier is, in my opinion, the correct implementation of a smartwatch design mixed with functionality. Making it more of an extension of your device, rather then attempting to mimic your device. It gives you a classic and modern analog watch face that runs off its own separate watch battery. Implementing a small LCD screen 996 x 16) that sends you a running read out of your text messages, incoming caller ID, Calendar notifications, email and plenty more. The Notifier smartwatch is capable of giving you all your notifications and alerts from your phone directly to your wrist.

There is a complimentary app that gives you full control over which notifications you receive to your wrist and which ones you don’t. Not to mention date and weather information at the tap of a button. Go one step further and trigger Google Now voice commands from your wrist, rather than from your phone.

The Martian Notifier is one heck of a watch and is sure to make a fairly large splash this year. Especially when you see all that it can do, what it looks like and that the watch band is a standard watch band that can be interchangeable, all for $129, how can you not pick one up?

Take a look through the photo op we have with the new Martian Notifier and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out all the detailed specs and learn more at Martiannotifier.com.