We heard a week or so ago, that HTC’s new baby, the HTC M8, was going to be the first HTC device to not feature capacitive buttons. They were going to switch over to on-screen buttons like the Nexus 5, and many had some mixed feelings about it. Some people hated the fact, simply because that strip of real estate the buttons land on take up precious screen space. Others loved the idea because the capacitive buttons have suffered problems in the past with certain updates. Well now we get a good look on what those on-screen buttons are going to look like, and this is brought to us by HTC Source, who got an email with this image above.


They also mocked up a comparison image, comparing these on-screen buttons to other HTC phones with the capacitive buttons. I think a lot of us are glad to see that HTC is putting THREE buttons instead of the two they adopted with the first HTC One. That was always a pain that was solved by developers and their awesome ROMs and tweaks. Let us know your thoughts about the buttons, and if you are excited for the HTC M8.

Source: HTC Source