HTC M8 launchAlmost daily leaks about HTC One’s successor, the HTC M8, have kept many of us salivating over what is yet to come, the latest leak suggesting that the M8 will have on-screen buttons instead of capacitive ones. One thing we haven’t had confirmed yet, apart from how the device actually looks, is the date for its announcement. Many pundits had been assuming the HTC M8 launch date would be similar to the One’s announcement at a U.K. event in mid-March. Not so, according to leak extrordinare, evleaks:

If what Mr evleaks is saying is correct, the announcement and presumed launch of the M8 will occur a little later than we expected and almost halfway around the world. This puts the launch around about a month after the expected launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and as far as replicating what happened last year, that’s not such a bad thing, particularly considering HTC‘s fortunes of late.

We really can’t wait to see more of HTC’s next flagship device, and something tells me that we’ll be seeing a lot more of it before the fateful and vague “late March” deadline rolls by. What are your thoughts about the HTC M8 so far: is it a device that you want to get? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: evleaks via Phone Arena