A new pantent filing has surfaced showing off what LG has been upto lately. The recent filing shows how they are attempting to reinvent, and modernize, the slap bracelet. You remember those, right? They layout flat and you can”slap” them on your wrist for a fast, cool looking accessory. Well, maybe they weren’t so fashionable, but LG is looking to change that.

The new filing depicts a slap-bracelet that has a stylus tip on one end and a flat block on the other. Next to the block, which I assume houses a battery and some other electronics, is a small display. It is described in the USPTO filing as being touch sensitive.

LG Patent Slap Bracelet

It is an interesting patent. We actually saw a slap bracelet stylus at CES. Obviously it didn’t incorporate a screen of any kind or potential smartwatch/fitness tracking capabilities.

This could very well be the future of the LG Life Touch band. LG does have the ability to create flexible screens. I do worry about how well it would hold up if you were to “slap” it on your wrist in the typical fashion that we used to do when we were kids. The LG patent filing doesn’t mean they will be releasing anything like this soon though. It just means they want the patent rights to it so someone else doesn’t copy it. It would be king of cool to see though. What do you think? Is a slap-bracelet smartwatch / activity fitness tracker with a stylus something worth looking for?

Source: USPTO via UnwiredView

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    I use to run around and slap my sister with those. These might hurt a little more