samsung galaxy s5 wallpaperThe Samsung Galaxy S5 was finally announced earlier today, and despite what you feel about its appearance, it’s definitely the phone for all Android manufacturers to beat in 2014. While the back cover of the Galaxy S5 appears to have drawn the most ire from critics, it’s the front of the device that has caught some people’s eye, in particular, the Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpaper.

Luckily for us, the wallpaper has been making the rounds on the internet, and to save you the trouble of searching for it, we’ve put it here in this article. If you want the full-sized version, make sure you click the embedded picture below:

I don’t think this is quite the real deal as the resolution of the picture only comes out to a resolution of 838×1482; we know the Galaxy S5 is going to be a 1080p device. However, it sure looks the part, and if you’re wanting to get the Galaxy S5 look before you get a hold of the device, throw that wallpaper on your phone, then profit.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S5? Let us know what you like or don’t like about Samsung‘s newest flagship device in the comments.

Source: DeviantArt via Google+

  • jremy

    More like the s5 was the phone to beat in q413. The z2 is the phone to beat in 2014

    • Stephen Yuen

      I don’t disagree that on paper, the Sony Xperia Z2 is a better, though less innovative, device. The Galaxy S5, though, is going to sell millions of handsets, and that is the metric I was alluding to.

      • 213ninja

        the only one that matters…

  • tony solinan

    It looks great the wallpaper!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Great wallpaper for my Note 3.

    • Stephen Yuen

      Looks great on any phone 😉

  • A_Noid

    Makes me feel better about getting my Nexus 5. :)

  • AtiRage

    Thanks for the wallpaper, this was the only thing that I really liked about the S5.
    Started to search for it as soon as I saw it.

    • Stephen Yuen

      Glad we could oblige :)

  • bobo

    thank you for the wallpaper but can you post please also the same wallpaper in blue just like on s5?

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