The Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced yesterday and despite what comments you’ve read on the internet it is a new flagship phone and with that title comes accessories. Bring in Belkin. The company announced their new line of accessories made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and boy are there plenty to choose from. As always cases play a major role as the first accessories made for any flagship so Belkin came out with two different types. We have the Wallet Folio Case and the Air Protect Grip Extreme Case.

The wallet folio case is the general flip cover case that doubles as a credit/debit card holder on the inside and comes in a variety of colors for only $39.99. As an added bonus you can also use this case a stand for movie watching.

The second case (Air Protect Grip Extreme) is made more for complete protection. Using their patented Shocwave technology in the corners of the Air Protect case allows you to more easily deal with the bumps and bruises of day to day life for a modest price ($34.99).

Then finally there are the chargers, you know those things that keep your phone alive when your battery is running low ;). Hopefully it doesn’t come down to this but let’s say you lose the charger for that new S5 of yours, or if you’re like me, your puppy chews through it on day one, Belkin has you covered. They have launched some great wall chargers that will put out the 2.1 Amps that you need to charge your devices should that fate befall you, if not well they still come in handy for your other mobile devices.

So if you’re planning to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Belkin would be a great place to look for some accessories. I have provided the links below to their products, so click and search, who knows you might end up buying a case for your next flagship phone from Samsung.

2-in-1 Wallet Folio

AIR PROTECT Grip Extreme

Charging Solutions