Our mobile devices can do so much today that it is starting to become the universal device in our world. From ringing up purchases to just taking photos; our mobile devices are a hub of entertainment/information in our on-the-go world. So when it comes to entertainment you can bet that a good chunk of folks get their news, YouTube videos, and music from their mobile but sometimes that can be a problem. I don’t know about you but I have had many moments where quite a few people want to see a movie I have stored on my device but even with a 5.7 inch screen my Note 3 just can’t cut it for 5 people. Now there are quite a few ways to put locally stored content on the TV but they usually require some other things (wi-fi, HDTV, certain brand) and in some cases you have that but just can’t get it to work (Chromecast and hotel wi-fi anyone). There are also those times that you just want to get a bigger screen, this and all other scenarios can be solved by a portable projector and it just so happens that the great folks over at Brookstone sent me one to review. So without out further ado let us review the Pocket Projector Pro.


What’s In The Box:

  • Pocket Projector Pro
  • MHL to HDMI cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Adapter Tips
  • Charger with different socket options
  • Pouch


I have put the Pocket Projector Pro through its paces with heavy (and I mean HEAVY) use throughout this review and I have to say the Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro can do it all. I have connected my PS4 to this to play some COD Ghosts, used the MHL cable (with adapter tip that is included and needed for use with my Note 3) to play movies via screen mirroring, and have even used the projector connected to my Mac for a second screen because why not. Through all these uses the Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro chugged on brilliantly and I have absolutely no complaints on the performance of the projector.

What We Liked About It:

It can play video up to 1280 x 800 resolution which is HD quality and can give you a 100 inch screen if you wanted it. There is also something called Short Throw Technology incorporated into the Pocket Projector Pro that allows it to project a 60 inch from just 6 feet away. This helps give you that “theater” experience in a much smaller area than most projectors.


Video Quality:

As stated above the Pocket Projector Pro can put out video quality of 1280×800 which is HD and well looks pretty damn good in my book, considering the size. I received the Pocket Projector Pro at CES and even under the bright lights the images played beautifully. If you shine direct sunlight at the image however that’s a different story, but that’s usually the case with all projectors anyway.



The Pocket Projector Pro also has a built in speaker and while convenient in a small very quiet room it, I wouldn’t use it to show a movie. If you’re trying to get that theater effect I’d suggest utilizing the Auxiliary out jack to get better sound with an external speaker.


Brookstone in all their all knowingness also made a USB port available to ensure your connected mobile device is powered while being use with the Pocket Projector Pro. This is a small feature but when you’re playing a movie/s for a few hours straight that USB is going to be a lifesaver.


Adapter Tips:

This may not seem like a big deal but if you own a fairly new device like me with my Samsung Note 3, then you’ll be forever thankful to Brookstone for including the adapter tips. If you did not know the issue here is the MHL cable, newer Samsung devices require a 11-pin adapter in order to play HDMI content to the projector or HDTV.  It also requires an external power source which the 11-pin adapter included with the Pocket Projector Pro allows. If it wasn’t for this little adapter you would need to drop about $20 bucks to get that 11 pin adapter required by Samsung on Amazon. With that said thank you Brookstone for covering us Sammy owners in that area, very thoughtful of you.



The name does say Pocket Projector Pro and the projector itself is very portable when pitted against standard projectors. It fits perfectly in my backpack so much so that I can just grab it and go. I can set it on a self-standing dinner table and use that as my base or even just place it on a step of a step ladder if I am outside (which I did, forgot my tripod). Also the fact that it is so small allows me to use it with even the smallest tripods like my Joby Gorillapod. This is great for me because the Gorillapod has flexible legs so I can wrap it around a pole if I needed to, though I wouldn’t recommend it. Always better to have stable ground when it comes to projectors.

What We Would Change:

This speaker is small for a reason, it is meant to be portable but the fact that you need to have it connected to a wall outlet at all times if you want to use it makes me doubt that. Brookstone does offer a battery pack for the Pocket Projector Pro online that will allow you to get up to 2 hours worth of HD video projecting but it will cost you $100. The pack itself is 8800mAh which is ok but if 8800mAh will get me 2 hours then why not give me the option to use my own battery pack, say my Limefuel 24,000 portable power bank. If math serves me right I would at least be able to get about 5 hours worth of HD video streaming. That is one thing I would change, give me the option to use one of my own portable power banks or at least sell me a usb cable by itself for me to use. This is the only thing I would change everything else is great.

Overall Thoughts:

The Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro is my go to projector when I am going out to visit family or just want to play COD on a bigger screen. With the compact size and ease of use there is no reason why this shouldn’t be your next portable projector. I have included a link below to the Pocket Projector Pro along with a link to the external battery pack should you desire that 2 hour HD viewing without being tied to an outlet. So hit up those links down below and get your hands on the Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro, you won’t regret it. This has been an AndroidSPIN review, thanks for reading.

Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro

Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro Battery

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  • booomups

    would be good if the battery pack was included in that price. especially if it can be used as a mobile power bank like some others i heard about. maybe that actually was an older brookstone projector. and… then it should also have an easily accessible flashlight mode. then maybe make a ruggedized version as well…

    all that with full hd or quad… PERFECTION!! :). oh… and maybe an optional big solar panel that can also function as a screen for the projector.