Naztech 5-port 104000 mAH Battery Bank Review

I’m always searching for accessories that will make my life and my family’s life easier on the go. We enjoy travelling Oregon as a family, the kids are fine once we get where we are going, but the ride can be hellish when their devices give up the ghost and we don’t have a wall jack in sight . I believe this  power bank will help some of you as well with keeping your sanity and keeping your devices powered on the go when there is no wall jack in sight. Especially in the summer time when a lot of us are either camping, or spending a lot more time in the great out doors. When I removed the power bank from the box I was excited that it came ready to go, it comes with a USB cable and 10 attachments, on the box Naztech even explained what each attachment is for.  It also came with a nice carrying case to be able to carry everything with ease.

Naztech 5-port 104000 mAH Battery Bank Review

I really love how sleek it looks, the front of it has 4 led’s so you can see how much battery is left, each led stands for approx 25% of the battery left on the power bank, which means each light represents 2600mAh. In terms of device power it means my HTC One (M8) should be able to fully charge 4 times before the battery is depleted. There is only need for one button, the power button. If the power button is pressed without a device plugged in and charging the power bank will show you how much battery is left. The charging port for the power bank is also on the front and it is a micro USB port.

The back of the power bank is pretty straight forward there are 5 output USB slots each with a different amp rating giving it the capability to charge your devices at the correct voltage. when you are ready to charge your device plug it into one of the outputs and press the power button to begin. The output ports that run vertically down the battery bank. Each one is labeled for your convenience, assuming you know what the devices charge should be.

Naztech 5-port 104000 mAH Battery Bank ReviewNaztech 5-port 104000 mAH Battery Bank Review

Naztech 10400mAh official on paper specs

  • Battery: Rechargeable 10400 mAh Li-ion
  • Size: 3.7” L x 1.10”W x 3.11” H
  • Has short circuit /Overcharge protection

What I liked about the Naztech 10400mAh:

I really loved almost every aspect of the Naztech Universal Power Bank, I loved that is came with the attachments for the most popular smartphones right now and attachments for popular handheld devices as well.  I love the size it is not too big and small enough that I can carry it in my bag or leave it in my car. The 5 USB ports definitely is a huge plus for me as well making this device truly universal with the ability of charging multiple devices at once. What else could you ask for.

What I did not like about the Naztech 10400mAh:

I can only come up with one thing I didn’t like and that was the length of the usb cable, when I fully stretch the cable it measures at about a foot. I feel that it should have come with at least a 3ft cable. I have knocked the power bank down a few times while grabbing my PSP since I wanted to play while it was charging. That is the one thing I didn’t like, but I did get around the short USB cord while charging my phone by using the cable that came with my phone. Of course using your own cable negates the use of the various tips that are provided for other devices.

Overall thought:

Overall I really like the Naztech Universal Power Bank, It definitely is going to help me and my family on those Oregon road trips we go on. If you are looking for a small device that can handle charging various devices, including PSP’s and other charging tipped devices on the go, this is the power bank for you.