BRAVEN 710 ReviewDefying the laws of physics is a very difficult thing to do, however the latest Bluetooth wireless speaker from BRAVEN makes that look easy. The 6.25×2.6×1.8 inch BRAVEN 710 is capable of creating an absolutely absurd amount of sound for its size, though this is to be expected from one of our favourite audio manufacturers for Bluetooth speakers. The BRAVEN 710 isn’t quite the baby of the family, as it technically succeeds the older BRAVEN 650, but it is significantly smaller than the BRAVEN 850 and 855s that we have reviewed before. And it holds its own despite its diminutive size; let’s check it out.

What’s in the box BRAVEN 710 ReviewBefore we even get to the contents of the box, I just want to point out just how cool the box for the BRAVEN 710 is. I’m definitely a sucker for cool things like this, and the box has this in bundles. There are sliding panels on both sides which either reveals the speaker itself, or pulling the other way reveals its accessories. BRAVEN 710 ReviewOnce out of the box, the BRAVEN 710 looks to have much less company. Apart from the speaker itself, you’ll really only be getting the standard paperwork and a USB cable for charging. I found it very unusual that there isn’t a full AC adapter provided, though I guess the travel nature of the 710 lends itself more to being charged on the run. BRAVEN 710 ReviewThe BRAVEN 710 itself is incredibly beautiful, not unlike its bigger brother, the BRAVEN 850 (read our full review here). Like the 850, the outer shell of the 710 is aircraft-grade aluminium which makes for a really sleek exterior. Unlike the 850 though, the 710 is available in more than just silver with colour choices such as silver, graphite, blue and gold. BRAVEN 710 ReviewHidden behind a rubber door are the inputs and outputs for the 710. Here you will find 3.5mm audio inputs or outputs, as well as the micro-USB port to charge the speaker. There are also battery indicator LEDs and also a USB port that can be used to charge a mobile device. Naturally, this will eat into the quoted 12 hour battery life from the 1,400mAh battery that resides in the 710, but it’s always good to have the option. It’s not quite the 855s (see our full review here), but if you’re worried about the rubber door not closing properly and water potentially getting in, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the 710 is actually rated for IPX5, which gives it some security against splashes and errant liquids.

BRAVEN 710 ReviewOn the other end of the speaker are the input controls, comprised of a power, play, volume up and down buttons. Most of these buttons have a secondary function when held or pressed in different situations, which makes it a very elegant solution, but it also means that you have to remember what those secondary functions are.

How does it perform BRAVEN 710 ReviewLike its predecessors, the BRAVEN 710 is criminally easy to sync via traditional Bluetooth device detection, however the 710 also offers NFC pairing, located at the base of the speaker, which makes Bluetooth pairing a breeze. Once connected, then the fun can begin. BRAVEN 710 ReviewAs I mentioned at the start of this review, the sound that comes out of this tiny speaker is absolutely incredible; it’s so loud and clear that you could be forgiven for thinking they were much larger speakers. The 710 has no problems filling a small room up with full and crisp sound which would make it perfect for those short weekends away or small parties. BRAVEN 710 ReviewThe bass from the 710 is actually a little weak and muffled for my liking, but it definitely suffices, and the highs and mids are very clear and bright, something which I often test extensively with classical music. Overall, I was very satisfied about the audio quality of the BRAVEN 710; sure, the bass could be bassier, but for something the size of a clutch handbag, I think it does exceptionally well. BRAVEN 710 ReviewThe 710 also has another nice feature, which all BRAVEN speakers have, which is an in-built microphone which can be used to take calls from your phone. It has native noise-cancelling as well to help with call clarity, and from my brief experiences with it, it does a very commendable job as a speakerphone. Audio going in and out is clear, and the mic actually works from a lot further away than you might think.

What I like about the BRAVEN 710

BRAVEN 710 ReviewI won’t be able to get through a section about what I like about the BRAVEN 710 without talking about its size. It is one small speaker, and while it might seem unusual because I keep mentioning it,  it really is its greatest advantage. The ability to be put into basically any bag of any size (bar the similarly sized clutch handbag) is a huge plus for travellers and just a huge tick in portability. As I mentioned earlier, a huge bonus to the size of the 710 is the huge amount of sound that comes from it, make it, I think, one of the best sound per pound speakers I’ve seen recently.

BRAVEN 710 ReviewThis next point almost seems contrived, but I absolutely love the look of the 710, particularly in the blue that we have here. Just the brushed aluminium finish and the simplistic design rounds out an incredibly elegant overall appearance that wouldn’t look out of place whatever setting you are using it in.

What I don’t like about the BRAVEN 710

BRAVEN 710 ReviewThere’s not much I can complain about the BRAVEN 710, but if I had to nitpick, I would say that the lack of an AC adapter is quite disappointing. Thankfully, as an Android user, I already have plenty of micro-USB cables plugged into AC for my phones and tablets, but for those who aren’t as technically endowed, it would have been very easy for BRAVEN to provide that minor missing piece.

BRAVEN 710 Review

Again being a little pedantic, I would have liked a little more bass from the 710. While it’s not so bad when you’re listening to the speaker from front on, the bass somewhat diminishes at other angles. However, while you might say that a Bose speaker of the same size would have more impressive bass, the fact that the 710 won’t cost you anywhere near as much, and still gives you impressive performance is very good value.

Final thoughts BRAVEN 710 ReviewIt’s hard not to gush about the BRAVEN 710; it’s beautiful, sounds fantastic and is basically a traveller’s best friend. Retailing for $229.99 AUD or $249.99 NZD, the 710 might not seem worth that amount of money given its diminutive size, but for all the reasons that we’ve given above, we definitely think it is worth it.

The BRAVEN 710 can be purchased now from the following retailers in Australia and New Zealand, or a relevant retailer in your region; check out BRAVEN’s website here for more details:


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