myrollHave you ever opened your gallery app and thought, “this sucks”? As a Samsung owner, I think this on a daily basis; the Gallery on the Note 2 is slow, awful and poorly optimized. Luckily, MyRoll is here to save the day. Having existed as Flayvr for around 2 years, MyRoll is a relaunching of that app with a new brand and new focus: to create a personalized experience with your photo and video gallery. MyRoll does this by observing “behavioural, contextual and image data analysis to learn what memories matter most” and personalizes the gallery based on those preferences. Check out a short video showing off some of these new features in MyRoll:

The main tenets of MyRoll’s purpose include:

  • Organize - MyRoll automatically organizes photos & videos into moments around events and locations.
    • MyRoll turns moments into living memory collages based around events, combining interactive photos and videos helping users and their friends & families relive those memories as they happened.
  • Discover – MyRoll uses advanced computer vision technology to cut through the clutter and find your best photos and videos – memories with smiling faces, great lighting, vibrant color, clear focus and more. MyRoll will event center a photo preview around the face in the picture, instead of the random “center” of a photo.
  • Share – Users can share entire memories, not just single photos or videos, with just a tap across:
    • Facebook – MyRoll is the only gallery that lets users turn their moments into Facebook albums on the fly with just a couple of taps. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5 photos or 25.
    • Email & SMS – No more attaching single photos at a time to an SMS or email. MyRoll is the only gallery that lets users create a link to a beautifully designed HTML5 web page showcasing their moment for easy sharing with anyone via email & SMS, even if they aren’t a MyRoll user, with no limits on the number of photos being sent.
    • WhatsApp – MyRoll is the only gallery that automatically selects the top 10 photos of each moment to allow for easy sharing of moments via WhatsApp.
    • Twitter – Just like Email and SMS, MyRoll is the only gallery that lets you quickly create a link to your moment for easy sharing across 140 characters.
  • Personalize – Using machine learning, behavioral analysis, and connections to a user’s events calendar, MyRoll learns which photos matter the most to each individual, highlights those memories, and make them easy to share and enjoy. MyRoll is the only gallery that gets smarter the more you use it, and even leverages big data from the crowd to elevate memories around important events.

IF a smart gallery is just the thing you have been looking for, then you can download MyRoll for free from the Google Play Store from the link below.

Application: MyRoll

Play Store Link

Price: Free