Google and Samsung are having a spat over WearablesOver the last few months, we’ve heard plenty of reports that Samsung has started to comply with Google guidelines more at Google’s request. Things like TouchWiz customization and Samsung Apps have been tuned down a lot since then, so you might have been forgiven for thinking Samsung and Google have been coexisting happily ever since. There could be some trouble in paradise though, as reports are saying Google and Samsung are having a spat over wearables, specifically the new Tizen-based smartwatches that Samsung pushed out earlier this year.

Earlier this month, there was reportedly a “tense private meeting” between Google CEO, Larry Page, and Samsung Vice Chairman, Jay Y. Lee, in which Page made clear that he was not impressed with Samsung putting in so much more effort into their Tizen smartwatches than their Android Wear devices. You can definitely see why Page has voiced this concern; the recently released Gear Live is basically the Gear 2 with cheaper parts, though it’s not unheard of for Samsung to re-use slightly tweaked designs for new devices.

What do you think about Samsung and Google arguing over wearables? Think Google has grounds to be worried? Let us know what you think.

Source: The Information via The Verge

  • David van Wingerden

    Samsung and Google better stop squabbling and figure out how to make their products ubiquitous at stores, hospitals and schools. Apple will eat their lunch while they argue over petty stuff.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Truthfully I said it before what’s good for the goose must be good for the gander. Google felt it to be fine when they decided to purchase Motorola against their business partners years ago and didn’t stop to ask or find out if it was okay or how that transaction would effect their business standing with other manufacturers.

    At the end of the day business is business SAMSUNG has all the right in the world to conduct their business as they see fit rather GOOGLE likes it or not. Who are they to decide what money manufacturers need to make or what products manufacturers can make rather it be for android or their own individual manufacturer.

    Samsung owns 70% market share of the entire android platform as well as the overall worldwide market share and 70% of the Smartwatch industry as well. 7 out of 10 Android devices purchased are Galaxy products so clearly nobody else is purchasing any other android handsets.

    It’s no secret if it wasn’t for Samsung Android wouldn’t be were they are today or worth a bucket of shit I would tell Google to fuck off for sure.

    Android Wear is nothing impressive as I see it and Samsung can promote and pursue Tizen as they see fit GOOGLE won’t be able to intimate Samsung that’s for sure.

    • squiddy20

      1. As it was stated all over the blogosphere, news sites, and everything in between, Google bought Motorola almost purely for the patents. This is backed up by the undeniable fact that, when Google sold Motorola to Lenovo, Google kept almost all the patents and a few pet projects (such as project Ara). Good job at coming up with complete and utter BS for “truth”.
      2. Considering Google provides the OS for Android Wear to manufacturers for free, Google is well within their rights to at least ask manufacturers to follow some sort of guidelines. Otherwise, the Wear ecosystem would become as convoluted as the smartphone branch, where the software on a Samsung phone has almost no similarities to an HTC phone. Google wants cohesiveness, and that makes sense.
      3. Samsung does not own 70% of the smartwatch industry. Need I remind you of that deal Samsung had awhile back where purchasers of an S4 (or was it the Note 3?) got a discounted, if not free Galaxy Gear, and that over 30 % of them were returned because of how horrible they were? Yeah, keep tooting that Samsung horn.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Typical useless squiddy20 after all these years you have become just as boring as stock android and the new Android L. How many times have you bent over and allowed Google to insert that sausage up that butt crack.

        You have and always will be a comical loser and sad hater of all things SAMSUNG your kind we dismiss daily on the internet. PS. are you still living at home in mom’s basement????

        • squiddy20

          If I’m so “useless”, then why can you never come up with a logical retort against any of my points? All you do is spew idiotic, juvenile insults like an 8 year old, instead of arguing with facts and truth.
          Contrary to your ridiculous claims, I’m not a “hater of all things Samsung”. I just don’t like gullible fanboy morons like yourself who read something and believe it without checking the facts. Like how you “knew” the S4 would have a flexible display, 3 GB of RAM, and a sensor to measure blood pressure and “blood sugar levels”. Or the several times you claimed the “legendary” Evo 3D would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012”,despite it having extremely poor sales at the time, and subsequently being pulled from shelves less than 2 months into the year.
          PS while I have lived at home with my mom (when I was younger), I’ve never lived in a basement. Keep up those useless, childish, and downright overused insults. What a joke.

    • Will S.

      Plain & Simple, nothing beats Samsung, period,

      • Richard Yarrell


      • DH Dog

        Are you part of Samsung knights and shit?

        • Will S.


          #samsungknights the group who stands up for the voiceless who are intimidated by Internet trolls and bullies who exist on Google Plus….

  • FILA

    Theres a huge problem and the fear that started years ago when Sammy was getting into Tizen. The fear of samsung gathering so many people under there touch wiz samsung ecosystem until one day they transform tizen to look like android, then the next galaxy phone comes out and out of habit, people flock to buy it, heavily decreasing android numbers and eventually samsung taking over. Goog has to be careful because they know Sammy is the number one android seller, and sammy could drop google at any time if tension becomes to high to do strictly tizen and what percentage of the regular population would know? or care?

  • Mingo Allen II

    Samsung operates under their own rules because they have the money to do it, point blank. The only Samsung device I like that I have ever owned (out of the six or seven android devices) is the Galaxy Note 10.1 I have. Everybody should be accustomed to the crap that Sammy pulls at this point, and should be even more accustomed to the fanboys that will support poor business practices. The term “conflict of interest” comes to mind, and rightfully so.

    Is Sammy full of shit? Absolutely. Do I enjoy this monopoly that they have on the Android market? Absolutely not. Is it something we can do about it? Convince 70% of the Android market to blackball them, which isn’t possible. Therefore, all we can hope for is that Samsung gets better. However, let’s not become discombobulated here. Tizen will not recruit an army of Sammy lovers, it won’t happen. Android is an ecosystem that is absolutely to vast for Samsung to maintain a market that seeks all the bells and whistles of Android. Their following would go to trash because even a dumb person with a smart phone would notice that their “Tizen” update to their phone would be absent of their beloved angry birds, unless Tizen by God’s grace managed to EFFECTIVELY run Android apps, which would then require it to basically go from another OS to a measly fork like TW, Sense, Optimus UX, etc.

    So, we can all rest. At the end of the day, as long as Android wear provides a boss watch at a competitive price, they are good. However, until all of these wear devices come out, and until one of them competes with a gear on paper and on a price sheet, we are just going to have to live with it and opt out of buying Shitsung watches. Google has a right to complain just like Samsung has a right to ignore it. This battle isn’t anything new, and just like the last few years, its only going to mean that Samsung is going to either keep the bulk of Tizen in South Korea or release a bunch of alternative Tizen Samsung devices worldwide that flop because no one really gives a damn about an OS that isn’t Android or Apple. Case in point, Blackberry OS and Windows phone share 3.1% of the ENTIRE mobile market as of Q1 2014, and EVERY other OS shares 0.6%, I’m not worried about any sort of real competition from Tizen tbh.

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  • Bryant Lizardo

    What better way for Google to control what Samsung does by pretending to help. Lol smart move by google, I’m sure they’ll tune down touch-wiz, and show Samsung how better it is when it’s not so damn heavy. If you can’t change them, you must infiltrate them.