htc smartwatchHTC has allegedly been working on a smartwatch for some time now, and with the release of Android Wear, the rumour mill is inevitably turning again. A supposed render of the HTC smartwatch was leaked out last week by @evleaks, though we remained cautious of it, however it appears a leak of the wearable might have happened even before that, and in HTC’s own behind-the-scenes video.

At around the 35 second mark, a watch-like device is quite visible on the designer’s desk, though it’s hard to get a good look at its features. It looks like a square-faced device, not unlike the LG G Watch, and does seem to vaguely resemble the leaked image we saw last week. It’s not a good enough look to say that it absolutely is the same device as that leak, but it can’t dispel it either. Whatever the watch really looks like, if this was intentional, it seems HTC looks like it is ready to drop us subtle hints about its brand-new smartwatch

What do you think about the cameo of the HTC smartwatch in the above video? Do you think this was intentional or unintentional? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: HTCSource via Phandroid