NoodleCake Studios has put out some pretty amazing games over the years. Some of my favorite have been Super Stickman Golf 1 & 2, Punch Quest and the Mikey Shorts series. They are at it again, along with Ravenous Games, with another title that is scheduled to be released tomorrow, July 31st, titled Devious Dungeon.

Devious Dungeon (2)

Devious Dungeon is a medieval action platformer tat features randomized dungeons for you to explore. As you explore the devious dungeons you will have to fight off tons of monsters to earn experience and level up all while collecting loot on the way. You will slay your way through 5 different world with some killer bosses at the end of each before you can move forward. During your travels you will be able to visit the traveling merchant and purchase various weapon upgrades, armor, potions, rings, amulets and coins. 

The game controls are simple and straight forward, like all of their games. You have simple, and responsive, left and right buttons along with your typical A and B buttons. That is all you need to navigate and slash the monsters. Take a quick watch of the games trailer to get a better look at how it all plays out.

Looks like it should prove to be a fun way to kill an afternoon or weekend. Devious Dungeon will be live on the Play Store July 31st and will pull in a price tag of $1.99. It will also offer in-app purchases, but it is promised that the balance between the games IAP and your ability to play and complete the game is spot on. In English, it just means that if you have ZERO patience and like to have everything upfront you can pay for it, but if you can work through the levels and spend wisely you can beat it without spending anything other than the games initial price tag.

We do have the link down below that will take you to the Play Store so you can pick this one up, but it won’t do you any good until tomorrow.

Devious Dungeon in the Play Store link