Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewWe’ve covered quite a few Moshi products here at AndroidSPIN, and the one resounding characteristic of all of these products is style. A close second to that is simplicity and function, and with that in mind, we take a look at Moshi’s new Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5, it’s newest accessory for Samsung’s first flagship of 2014 and one which should allow you to use your phone even with the case still closed.

What’s in the box

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewContents of the SenseCover box are pretty light with only the case itself and some instructions for downloading the companion app included. No screen protector was probably deemed necessary as this is a full device cover and a screen protector might even interfere with the abilities of the case to work with the touchscreen.

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewJust looking at the front of the SenseCover case, I have to say that it is incredibly good looking. The texture on the front of the case gives the illusion of brushed aluminium, but Moshi says it is covered in a leatherette material. It definitely feels cloth-like, but still very smooth.

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewInside the case, more funky materials are featured. The inside of the front cover features what is probably microfibre – one of Moshi’s favored materials – which creates a “shock-absorbing inner shell” to give some protection to your screen when the cover presses against it. The actual case that holds the Galaxy S5 is some kind of hybrid material – it’s not quite hard or stiff enough to be polycarbonate and gives sufficient flexibility to put in (and take out) your Galaxy S5 without much of a fuss.

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewA nice brushed-metal magnet on the side of the case completes the case’s notable features with the clasp on the front cover clipping on easily when the SenseCover case is shut.

How does it perform

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewThe SenseCover performs admirably – it’s easy to get your phone in and out of it, and it appears to provide quite a lot of protection from daily bumps and bruises. The hybrid material of the plastic inner case gives me more confidence than some of other Moshi’s polycarbonate cases.

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewThere is ample room given to all the various access ports, camera and speaker included, and there are button covers for the hold and volume buttons that will let you use them even when the device is in the case.

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewOf course, the main attraction here is the front cover of the SenseCover case. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an operational Galaxy S5 on hand, however we can still take a look at what the device is supposedly capable of. The chief purpose of the SenseCover is to allow users access to the Galaxy S5’s features even with the case closed. This is of course to emulate the functions of Samsung’s own S-View cases, with perhaps a few additional features.Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewThe SenseCover, as the inscription in the front cover suggests, will allow you to take phone calls simply by swiping along the cover – swipe right for answer, left for decline. While it might not immediately look obvious from just the case, the SenseCover App prompts the user with graphics when a call is incoming.

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review
I downloaded the SenseCover app quickly to check out what additional features it had – note that the app will naturally be of no use while you don’t have the actual SenseCover case. In addition to being able to answer calls and see part of the screen through the window, the SenseCover app will also allow you to control your music and also take quick photos all without even opening the case. Moshi does suggest that you increase your screen’s sensitivity so that touches are definitely registered through the case.

What I like about the Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewI’m a huge fan of the exterior of the case. The leatherette finish just makes the SenseCover case look so stylish and professional, all while providing very good function and protection. This is pretty much the hallmark of Moshi’s accessories and it definitely looks like they’ve done it again.

What I don’t like about the Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewWhile I like the brushed-metal magnet and the clasp mechanism, because it is essentially a smooth surface, that means the clasp can move from time to time. While this is perfect when opening the case – the front cover basically just slides back on – closing the case can sometimes be less straightforward than expected. When the case is being closed, it’s possible that the clasp will only partially meet the magnet, leaving a small gap between the front cover and the rest of the case. While that’s probably not too much of an issue as putting it in your pocket will likely close the case completely, it does open the possibility of dust and what not entering the case unintentionally. At the heart of it, this is really just a niggling annoyance.

Final Thoughts

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 ReviewI love the Moshi SenseCover Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5. I think it’s a masterpiece in style and simplicity with some great extra functions thrown in. My only real gripe is that I don’t have a Galaxy S5 so that I could use the SenseCover to its full potential, but I’ll leave that decision up to you. It is a bit dear, but when you consider the extra use cases, it makes a little more sense. The SenseCover is available now for $59.99 AUD/$59.99 NZD and is available from selected retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Retailers:,,
New Zealand Retailers: JB Hi-Fi, Noel Leeming

For more information about the Moshi SenseCover Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can visit its product page on the Moshi website here.


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