ambi climateThe allure of the “Smart Home” gets stronger with each passing year with more and more cool technology released oriented towards making home life more connected. The primary issue of this currently is the formidable cost associated of this “Smart Home” – while the concept of connectedness is tantalizing, replacing swathes of equipment in the home isn’t exactly a cheap exercise. That’s why we were so excited to hear about Ambi Climate, by Ambi Labs, a new Kickstarter campaign that is looking at bringing smart air conditioning while still being able to utilize your existing air conditioner.

ambi climateUsing the Ambi Climate hub, you’re able to send infrared signals to air conditioners from almost all major brands and control it using an Android or iOS companion app. But it’s more than just an expensive AC remote – the Ambi Climate also uses “Ambi Mode” which allows it monitor not only your home’s climate, but the local weather and your air conditioner’s performance to judge what are the optimal settings for your home. What’s more, Ambi Climate also geo-location signals to turn on your AC when you are close to home so you arrive to your desired temperature, and is accurate enough to turn off the AC when nobody is in the room being cooled.

If that sounds like the type of thing you need in your life, you can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign at the link below. In just first 24 hours of the campaign, the Ambi Climate campaign has already amassed $54,759, more than doubling its initial target of $25,000. While the early bird pledges are already taken, you can still get an Ambi Climate starting at $99, $50 off the expected retail price for the package.

What do you think about Ambi Climate – is this something you’d want in your home? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Ambi Climate via Kickstarter