Root in Android LollipopAndroid Lollipop is currently the toast of the Android community – its overhauled UI and expansive improvements already have many of us salivating. However, while it looks sweet, literally and figuratively, it might not be the best for developers after renowned Android developer, Chainfire, said that root in Android Lollipop could possibly become a rarity due to increased security measures that Google has implemented this time around. In fact, Chainfire has been warning about this day for a long time, and it appears, unfortunately, that he is absolutely correct. In a nutshell, Android Lollipop “breaks” root, and not in the conventional way that can be overcome – for more specifics about the new changes, read Chainfire’s explanation here.

Chainfire’s own root solution requires a custom kernel in order to gain root, however often you require root before being able to flash a custom recovery, and that in itself can only be done with an unlocked bootloader. In the event that a manufacturer locks the bootloader, this will essentially mean the device is rendered a stock device until someone figures out how to circumvent this scenario and enable root. Of course, this fate will never befall the Nexus line with their unlocked bootloaders, but it presents the situation where developers may have to become a little choosier with which manufacturer they buy from.

What do you think about root in Android Lollipop potentially being harder to come by? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: +Chainfire via XDA, Phone Arena

  • steve

    What the hell was google thinking. That’s why so many people take android over apple, the freedom. I already am not buying another lg product because of no unlocked boot loader in my G3 and I couldn’t even root my lg g flex. I guess I will only buy phones with unlocked boot loader. I guess it’s good bye HTC, Sony, Motorola, and any other phone that’s locked. At least the note 4 and nexus 6 are good to go though. I love the fact Samsung doesn’t lick their loaders but I hate touch wiz

  • awareunlikeu

    Its simple, IF I cant root a device, then I don’t buy it.

  • Daniél Lecoq

    Correction, Nexus do have an unlockable bootloader, it is locked from the beginning. You have to unlock it with full wipe and fun things like that before it is unlocked and rootable just like Sony devices, which also are unlockable.
    As far as I know, the only major manufacturer with unlocked bootloader from stock is Samsung.
    There are also a few less known phone makers from China and so which go unlocked from start, but of the big brands, Samsung is unlocked, Nexus and Sony is easily unlockable.
    I have no idea of how Motorola and HTC do it nowadays, HTC used to be locked in the old days, but so did Sony before they saw reason and made it unlockable.

  • Martin Matthan

    Any trick yet for G925PVPU1AOE2? No matter where i look (sources like etc.) I can’t seem to find a solution !!!

  • Oneclick Brooke

    i think now you can easily root android lollipop because there are many root tools/app out there.