Well HTC is back with their new deal for the week. After the excitement (and disappointment) from the last deal in which they sold the HTC Nexus 9 for 50% in a matter of minutes we hope this week the deals will flow smoothly. So what does HTC have in store this week. The HTC One M8 of course. For this HTC Hot Deal of the week HTC will offer the One M8 on any carrier or unlocked for $299. That means you can get a brand new HTC One M8 off contract for $299 which is one hell of a deal. You will save $350 off the regular price.



Sadly you will have to be quick with the F5 button for this one as HTC has only set 200 units aside at this price. After the 200 units sell out the next 300 individuals will get the HTC One M8 for $399. That still gives you a savings of $250 but who are we kidding we all want that $299 price. So hit up the link down below and try to snag one of the 200 $299 HTC One M8’s. Good luck!

HTC Hot Deals

  • imutau

    Meh,this means 300 people will get the deal and another 125k will complain about HTC’s servers crashing.

  • FILA

    no chance in hell anyone has a chance. limited to your fast computers out there