We took a look at Fugoo’s Bluetooth speaker after last year’s CES and we quite liked it: it sounded great and incredibly versatile thanks to its unique ‘jacket’ system. At this year’s CES, Fugoo is announcing an update to that Bluetooth speaker with the Fugoo XL, and you might have guessed from the ‘XL’ that the Fugoo XL is a much bigger deal. With the Fugoo XL, you still get the different jacket systems (Style XL, Sport XL, Tough XL), but it is a much bigger device; Fugoo says about “4 times the size of our current speakers”. In real terms, that equates to an 11-inch core speaker that is 4-inches high, and 3-inches wide.

Fugoo XLThat size, however, allows the Fugoo XL to pack in a lot more equipment, with the core housing 8 audio drivers (up from 6) and 24 watts of power (up from 6) meaning it will be much louder than before, and the battery size has increased as well, allowing you to get close to 40 hours of music playback. Like its predecessor, the Fugoo XL will be IP67 rated, meaning it is dust-proof, snow-proof, dirt-proof and water-proof for 30 minutes in 3 feet of water – fun fact, using either the Style XL or Sport XL jacket will also allow the Fugoo XL to float.

Fugoo XLAnd the price for all this? The most expensive of these, the Tough XL will set you back $329.99 USD, whereas the Style XL and Sport XL will be $299.99 USD a pop, shipping sometime in April 2015. Hopefully we’ll get a close look at these, so stay tuned to AndroidSPIN for more CES 2015 coverage.