A few days ago, we shared the announcement of the Fugoo XL at CES 2015, the updated, bigger and better version of last year’s Fugoo speaker. Well, today, we got up close and personal with the new speaker, and we’re here to share some of the photos.

As you can probably see in the photos, the relatively “tiny” speakers are the Fugoo speakers from last year and the much larger ones are the recently announced Fugoo XL. They really do seem to bring back a bit of the boombox vibe, and the strap makes them pretty handy to lug around too. As we mentioned in the announcement post, the Fugoo XL are IP67 rated, making them dust-proof, snow-proof, dirt-proof and water-proof for 30 minutes in 3 feet of water, the last of which was proven like so:

CES 2015 Fugoo XL Hands-onThe Fugoo XL, using the Sport XL jacket, happy stayed underwater while still blaring out beats, making the water around it jump around as if excited to be part of the feat. Okay, that’s probably embellishing a bit, but it is impressive nonetheless and it appears the scaling up of the device hasn’t taken away from any of its core features, while still adding things like more tweeters and having the ability to have close to 40 hours of battery life. Of course, there is the price to consider, and for $329.99 USD for the Tough XL, and $299.99 USD for the Style XL and Sport XL, it’s definitely a sizeable investment.

What do you think about the Fugoo XL? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.