The smartwatch industry has been booming the past year or so, but there are still plenty of device manufacturers that haven’t dipped their toes into the proverbial water yet, and many of these are Chinese manufacturers. Whether it has been a lack of market interest or they are still waiting to see how it pans out, manufacturers like Xiaomi, Meizu and ZTE have been very quiet on this front. That’s isn’t to say they aren’t working on something, though, as the leaked image below appears to show the screen for a smartwatch device, specifically a Meizu smartwatch, which is said to become part of its Blue Charm product line.

Meizu smartwatchMeizu has opted to go with a round watch face for its smartwatch, which is probably the more popular choice at the moment, though we wonder if that white circle at the bottom of the display is temporary for aligning purposes only or will actually feature on the finished device. Regardless, we’re interested to see what the final product will look like, particularly seeing as things in the Chinese device market need to be cheap, and whether Meizu will be buying into the Android Wear ecosystem.

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Source: Sina via TalkAndroid