HTC plans on unveiling the third member on the One Flagship family on March 1st during MWC 2015. The HTC One M9 will hopefully dazzle our eyes and ears, and specs of the device have us wondering if it will in fact have a 1080p display. Well according to a leaked wallpaper from the M9, it will…quite possibly.

The Dimensions on the leaked wallpaper come in at 2,160 x 1,920 which is what gives us the possible confirmation that it will have that 1080p display. You can thank @LlabTooFeR bringing us the leaked wallpaper, and if you the image in all it’s pixel glory, hit the download link below to grab it.

HTC M9 Wallpaper Download

  • steve

    No QHD? How sad for a snapdragon 810 to not have it

    • Andrew

      It’s quite sad really. Every year it seems HTC loves to have a glaring minus point in their flagship. Last two years was a 4MP camera. Now they don’t want to progress to a QHD screen. They go to the extreme with a 20MP camera. One step forward, two steps back. It’s like they’re looking to fail.

      • steve

        I could see them leaving out QHD if it was an 801 snapdragon, but the 810 will handle it no problem.

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