Well it’s like Christmas morning for every Android fan out there today as we have just got through Google’s keynote at their annual Google I/O developers conference. One of the big ones that won’t be available until later this year is offline navigation for Google Maps. This has been a very requested feature and if you’ve ever been on a road trip while using GPS on your phone you know the tortures of losing signal and not being able to navigate until you get one again. Thankfully Google has heard our pleas from between the mountains and will be giving us the ability to have turn-by-turn navigation without the need for a data connection.

Offline Search

Not only do you get turn-by-turn, but you can also search maps that are saved offline and navigate directly to said location all while being completely offline, or in the case of the demo, Airplane mode. This will definitely come in handy when traveling abroad or just driving through the mountains while on your way to San Francisco from Los Angeles. Whatever the use case, this is definitely one feature that I have been anxiously waiting for.