At the end of June John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, announced that they were about to amp up the company’s Uncarrier offerings in a new campaign. The first announcement brought word of Jump on Demand that lets you upgrade to select devices up to 3 times a year based on a lease price. The next big move from Magenta has been unveiled this morning and is dubbed ‘Mobile without Borders.’ Like the name would suggest, it turns your coverage are from a U.S. based coverage area to a North American coverage area.

For the more geographically challenged this new set-up gives you Unlimited calls, Unlimited texts and 4G LTE data coverage in Canada and Mexico now. A simpler explanation is that on July 15th you will be able to call to Canada and Mexico for no additional charges as well as travel to Canada and Mexico without any roaming charges. That includes data use from your allotment of 4G LTE data bucket.

The option comes pre-included in all Simple Choice plans, yes, that includes the unlimited plan as well. You also still get all that unlimited music streaming from the list of providers that don’t touch your data bucket. As for the LTE coverage, it isn’t everywhere and there isn’t a map to show you where you specific details on the LTE coverage, but there is a list of cities that will give you the high-speed data.

LTE coverage in Canada and Mexico
All your major tourist destinations are on the list with Mexico getting the longest list of LTE coverage. You should still have service in other location, you just won;t get that fast data connection. In the fine print we see that this isn’t for long-term use i.e. you must be a U.S. resident and the majority of your use must be in the U.S. I would imagine there is a cut off, but I don’t see it listed. In a nutshell, don’t think you can get service with a U.S. address and move to Mexico or Canada and be given service all year-long. T-Mobile also won’t let you be tricky by keeping the phone in the states and setting the call forwarding to a Canada or Mexico number. Finally, your Data Stash won’t roll into action while in Canada or Mexico either. Meaning you can’t save up months of data for your trip and stream Netflix for the week. You only get access to your plan, but if your plan is the Unlimited offering, then you have nothing to worry about.

If you watched the video then you know that John also let everyone know that there are more AMPED moves to come with one potentially on the horizon next week.

Source: T-Mobile | City list

  • Awdahelwidit

    Well that’s nice, but I think the customers will get a little more AMPED when they can get decent domestic coverage.

    T-Mobile is a joke with their turd polishing tactics. The only thing John is missing is a foam nose and clown shoes. I hope he realizes his professional image = dipshit with bucket trying to bail water on a sinking ship. Yup, a titanic turd.