I first played This War of Mine on PC during its preview stage on Steam. If you haven’t heard about This War of Mine, it’s a wartime survival game which puts you in control of some survivors who are living in a besieged city. The objective: to keep them alive as long as possible. It’s an emotional and harrowing experience, a story not often travelled by video games which addresses the other side of the coin during war and how that affects everyday people like you and me – and This War of Mine does a spectacular job of conveying these stories. This War of Mine has just this last week been released to Android tablets, and I couldn’t recommend picking it up more. Check out the tablet launch trailer here:

This War of Mine is created by 11 bit studios, and if that name sounds familiar, that’s because they’re the crew behind the hugely successful Anomaly franchise that made the tower offense genre mainstream. If This War of Mine is the kind of game you are interested in (and you really should be), you can get it for $9.99 USD at the Google Play Store for its first week only – links are below:

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Press Release

This War of Mine Available Today for iOS and Android

July 15, 2015 – This War of Mine, 11 bit studios’ provocative and award-winning strategy game of wartime survival, is available today for iOS and Android tablets.

Launch Trailer

In war, not everyone is a soldier. This War of Mine captures war as experienced by the civilians trying to survive in a besieged city. Scavenge amid the shadows, make conscience-driven choices of life and death, and do what you must to live another day. During war, there are no good or bad decisions; there is only survival.

11 bit studios has been a proactive supporter of War Child; an organization dedicated to protecting, educating, and giving voice to the children affected by conflict. With the generous aid of the gaming community, 11 bit studios recently presented War Child with a donation of $65,000.

This War of Mine is available today on iOS and Android tablets for $9.99 during the first week ($14.99 normally).