When Rovio announced that it would be releasing a true sequel to its Angry Birds game, we were a little sceptical – let’s be honest, there’s only so many permutations you can go through with the same type of gameplay. Well, Angry Birds 2 has officially hit the Play Store and… well, the art style has been updated and actually looks pretty good, however, the gameplay is pretty much the same – fling birds at pigs – and there is a new mechanic in the game that could have a few people seeing green pigs.

angry birds 2Angry Birds 2 is available for free on the Play Store and the game does have in-app purchases, like most games in this boat. The thing that could have fans up in arms is that you’ll only have 3 lives – i.e. fail to complete a level 3 times, and you’ll have to wait 30 minutes before you get a life back. Alternatively, you can get back a life by expending 60 gems (80 gems cost $0.99 in-game). It’s not an ideal situation, especially considering previous Angry Birds games allowed unlimited number of restarts – of course, there will be diehard fans who won’t mind this minor indiscretion. If you’re still interested, you can hit the Play Store link below to download:

Source: Android Police