At the end of the day, it is all about the consumer. The beauty of the smartphone market is choice. While we are an Android focused blog, we try not to bash on Apple and iOS unless it really deserves to be said. In this instance, I am quite happy about what Apple has just released to the Play Store. The app is called ‘Move to iOS’ and does, or is supposed to do, exactly what the title states. Which is allow you to move all your photos, messages, Google Account info, contacts, bookmarks and free apps from your Android 4.0 running device to a compatible Apple iPhone device (iOS9). Any paid apps will land in your iTunes/App Store wishlist to re-purchase. It is like Samsung Smart Switch, which is another great tool to pull everything off an iPhone to a Samsung phone, or go from Samsung to Samsung. Similarly, Move to iOS creates a device-to-device Wi-Fi network connection to migrate all the data over. Simply install the app, open it up and pull out your iPhone. You should get a screen pop-up to enter the security code that appears on the Android phone.

Move to iOSMove to iOS 2Move to iOS 3
I am sure the fanboys, and fangirls, will be all over flaming the app and rating it low. That is the nature of the beast. I for one, am happy to finally see a simple app to make it possible to switch back and forth fairly seamlessly. At the very least, this app will give retail sales associates another way to make the customer transfer experience pleasant. If you are a dual OS wielder and have some time, give it an install and let us know how it works out.