Despite not being able to re-enter the smartphone market for another few months thanks to an agreement with Microsoft, Nokia has already had its fair share of rumours associated with it. The most prominent rumours centre around a device called the Nokia C1, for which several leaked photos and renders have emerged. The latest Nokia C1 render that has surfaced appears to show a slightly different camera position – note the corner mounted camera as opposed to the centre mounted ones in previous leaks – but that’s not even the most interesting thing about this picture.

Nokia C1 renderIf this picture happens to be true (and we will note that we’re pretty suspicious that it might not be completely legitimate), it would appear that the Nokia C1 could have two variants – one that runs Android, and one that runs Windows 10. We’ve known about Nokia’s Android aspirations ever since their first Android experiment, the Nokia X, and subsequently the pretty excellent Nokia N1 tablet, however it seems Nokia’s familiarity with the Windows platform could mean it isn’t quite done with Microsoft just yet. Of course, this is all conjecture at this point, but the evidence is mounting that the Nokia C1 is a legitimate project in the wings at Nokia.

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Source: Weibo via Phone Arena