Honestly, it’s surprising that the Motorola-manufactured Nexus 6 has lasted so long – we thought the Nexus 6’s days were numbered once the Nexus 6P was released but it’s survived a good few weeks even after been discounted. Sadly, though, it’s officially time to say goodbye – if you visit its Google Store page now (which is now only accessible directly via link) you’ll see that the Nexus 6 is no longer available for purchase, which is usually Google-speak for this product has been discontinued.

The Nexus 6 won’t be remembered fondly by everyone – it was the most recent Nexus smartphone to bring premium to the table and its high price and large size was off-putting for many. Those objections have obviously subsided in time for the Nexus 6P, and perhaps we can start to look at the Nexus 6 for what it was – the start of a new trend for Google that has led to more premium products. Of course, the owners of the Nexus 6 will remember it very differently (especially if they’re still using it), and it’s the type of device that you have to use to understand how good it is. Of course, if you do still want to get on the Nexus 6 bandwagon, there’s likely going to be a few floating around at various retailers, but stock is going to be finite from now on, so get on it!

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Source: Google Store via Android Police