We’ve known for some time already that LG is planning to hold a press conference at MWC 2016 on February 21st, and while everybody and their dog expected them to announce the LG G5, that fact has been essentially confirmed by the Korean manufacturer themselves. On Twitter yesterday, LG posted a number of photos featuring the number 5 accompanied by the hashtag #LGG5, though the tweet has since been pulled down – clearly somebody was a little trigger-happy.

lg g5Since then, LG’s Korean social blog has posted another image, depicting what it calls “LG G5 Day” for February 21st. While this definitely confirms that LG will be announcing the LG G5 at MWC 2016, it’s so very unusual that these two pieces of marketing material depict such a startling difference in tone. The photos are clearly an artistic statement – no doubt an advertisement for the probably fantastic camera – whereas the other image presumably depicts a device that can be considered fun and childish. Who knows what LG is trying to say, but we’ll definitely be finding out in just over two weeks in Barcelona.

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Source: LG via Droid-life