Google‘s most recent ad campaigns have centred around the phrase “be together, not the same”. It’s designed perhaps to instill a sense of comradely among the Android community, but most of all it describes the Android ecosystem perfectly – a harmonious group of manufacturers making and designing very similar devices that all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Google’s latest ad reaffirms this point in one of most pertinent and interesting ways possible – using a piano. Check out the Android Monotune ad down below:

The piano analogy presented in the video really drives home the point that Android is a platform that enables many things to work together to make something beautiful, instead of many of the same thing (*cough* Apple *cough*), and at some level, it’s probably a message about being harmonious with your fellow man, or at the very least, not hating on our least favourite Android manufacturers as much. Either way, it’s a wonderful way to get their point across, though we will point out that Google now has one hell of an expensive grand piano that can only play one note.

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Source: YouTube