LG G Watch R will cost €299

German press release suggests the LG G Watch R will cost €299

Phone manufacturers appear to piling on the smartwatch news ahead of IFA 2014, with ASUS, LG and Samsung all making surprise announcements and teases before the festivities have even started. The LG G Watch R was one of the more striking devices to be announced – what with its...
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4G LTE Nvidia Shield Tablet

4G LTE enabled NVIDIA Shield Tablet hits the FCC

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet is probably one of these best, if not the best, Android based gaming devices on the market. You get the best of a multitude of worlds. You get your Android fix on a 8-inch tablet, you get impressive hardware for gaming and multi-tasking, you get a dedicated kickass...
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Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 on AT&T gets a new OTA update

  Looks like there is a new update on the way out for Samsung Galaxy S5 owners on AT&T‘s network. The update rolls in at a smaller sized 142.8MB’s, but brings a few fixes and improvements that you might like. Assuming you are stock. Here is the list according...
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Motorola Luge

Motorola Luge available for Verizon prepaid, its just a rebranded Razr M for $100 less

Verizon apparently started selling a ‘new’ device for the prepaid sector of the company, the Motorola Luge. It features a 4.3″ Super AMOLED qHD 960 x 540 screen, with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP rear camera and a 0.3 MP front shooter. It lands with 8GB...
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Google+ Authorship

Google gives the axe to Google Authorship

As a Google products user we often see various projects and changes start as an idea, mature to implementation, scramble to use it and then watch it die. Over the years there have been a few that we have seen, like Google Currents, now another project is falling by the way side, Google...
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Wipeout 2-4

The big balls have returned in Wipeout 2 from Activision

Activision has released Wipeout 2 to the Play Store today for all of you who like to be punished on insane obstacle courses. The second installment forgoes a price tag and is free with the more traditional in-app purchases. Wipeout 2 brings in 135 levels with 150 themed obstacles to dash...
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International Wi-Fi Calling

Sprints Samsung Galaxy S4 gaining International Wi-Fi calling OTA

Sprint released some news this morning pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Spark that resides on their network. Owners of the device will start to see an OTA update coming through that will focus primarily on Wi-Fi calling. More importantly though, the Wi-Fi calling aspect is geared...
arus icon pack

Samer Zayer’s Arus Icon Pack will have you reaching for your Google Wallet again

Samer Zayer is a designer who has done some incredible work: Neon Glow icon pack, Paper icon pack, Flatee icon pack, the list goes on. It’s time for his latest creation to grace the eyes of the world, however, this time with the Arus icon pack, which offers a set of rounded square...
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android lemon meringue pie

Android Lemon Meringue Pie gets spotted in Chromium issue tracker as build LRW50D

The Chromium issue tracker is often a good place to spot a new Nexus device or build of Android, and today appears to be our lucky day. Sported by a device known as the “New Nexus7″ – make of that what you will – a certain build of Android has been spotted with...
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Smartwatch Mania with ASUS, LG, and Samsung! – ManDroid Daily

Welcome to Smartwatch Mania! Wow. Passed couple hours have been very intersting indeed, folks. ASUS, LG, and Samsung all teased new smartwatches today that will be officially unveiled at IFA. Not bad designs for these smartwatches. I kind of dig LG’s new design with that circular...
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samsung gear s

Who needs phones? The Samsung Gear S can make calls, has 3G modem

Previously we suspected that Samsung‘s latest wearable device would be called the Samsung Gear Solo and would be able to be used as a standalone devices to make calls. That wasn’t far from the truth as Samsung has officially detailed the new device, called the Samsung Gear...
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