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Well it certainly took long enough. Many people with Google TV devices have been complaining about not having this service available to their devices. Rightly so too, anyone that uses it regularly loves it to death. It doesn’t surprise us that much that Amazon isn’t pushing their services to every platform and device though. More so focusing on their own tablets and such. Seriously though, their services need to be out for all of Android to help them generate more money and keep the offset of the Kindle Fire prices going.

So Amazon has finally released Instant Video for Google TV. But, get this, apparently not all Google TV devices. The Logitech Revue is listed on their site as a supported device, but for one reason or another you can’t actually download and install it. Only slightly irritating. We are sure it can be side loaded and work just fine, but we haven’t checked into that as of yet.

AMazon Instant Video
We aren’t sure why Amazon is holding this service back on more Android devices like tablets and phones. They have their app store on Android, Amazon MP3 and Kindle for books. Heck, Amazon Instant Video is even available for iOS users. Hopefully Amazon gets things together soon for all of you that have been waiting for this to make a debut. We will check back periodically to see if they make an update soon to give the Logitech Revue the access to the service like their site says it should.

Anyone out there with a Google TV device going to grab it and try it out? Let us know how it works out.

Application: Amazon Instant Video
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Cost: FREE


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