The last Amazon device I remember talking about was the much maligned Amazon Fire Phone, which was a rather terrible experiment for everybody involved – I’m sure there have been some Fire tablets released since then, but the Fire Phone was the one that really stuck out, for better or worse. Thankfully, it sounds like Amazon’s next endeavor is going to be more of a safe bet as Amazon is rumoured to be preparing a $50 tablet, which I think is something we can all get excited for.

For anyone not up to speed, Amazon tablets are actually quite good – the only downside is that they have a forked version of Android on them meaning you don’t have the benefit of Google apps, at least not natively. This pitfall aside, Amazon tablets have always managed to put up some impressive specifications for the price and we’re sure that a $50 tablet would be more of the same, and an absolute bargain with Holiday season right around the corner. The $50 tablet is said to be released sometime this Northern Fall, which is right around now, so keep your eyes and ears open.

What do you think about a $50 Amazon tablet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Phandroid

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